On PhpSpec and Not-the-Drupal-Way: follow the black kitten through the Looking Glass


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Anonymous at 14:51 on 21 Mar 2015

Great presentation, wish I could have seen the code but that is more of a venue equipment issue.

Anonymous at 15:04 on 21 Mar 2015

I'm not a developer, and I LOVED this talk - interesting from a PM standpoint as well

Not a developer- loved the talk and Michelle's presentation skills. This sparked ideas within our group about the effectiveness of BDD as a communication tool.

My favorite talk of the camp! I love thinking outside the Drupal box and bringing in good ideas from other parts of that development world.
Love phpspec and seeing it with Drupal was fantastic!

Some technical issues, but heck yeah! More TDD in Drupal, please! D8 takes away many of the barriers, but [insert rant about Drupal dev here].

Very entertaining presentation style, lots of humor is appreciated. small code examples didn't work out too well, but otherwise, great topic and presentation!

I have to give five thumbs up for having your setup work against you and still giving a great talk and being entertaining :)

You also answered a question I was going to ask without even making me ask it, bravo! For those curious, if you don't have anything going testing-wise as a developer, the advice was to just start with unit tests rather than getting your whole company to have a talk about BDD and or TDD and or risk doing nothing. I have made the mistake of trying to bring up this issue in companies with no testing methodology other than "clickin' it, checkin' it off the list" and management just says that the client/business can't pay for it. You're better off just leading by example in your own work within the development team so you have that experience and knowledge when trying to bring up testing in a larger context.

One question I didn't have answered is how PHPSpec compares to other xSpec tools like RSpec. I'm a big fan now of comparing tools across languages frameworks, because there are always examples to follow and ideas to steal when you make comparisons like that. I would think PHPSpec borrows a lot from RSpec but am too noobish to really know. I love knowing the history of that kind of shit though. This talk is definitely "off the island" as they say, but maybe adding some xSpec history and comparisons would add future presentations of this talk.

Without a doubt the most entertaining technical talk I've ever seen. The videos of the code in action would have been perfect if they had only been larger. Small issue, since a presenter would be right to expect a larger screen.