Pessimism, Entitlement, and Other Virtues of a Successful Debugging Approach


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Such fun! I love a good interactive talk like this. Audience participation was great. It was a good problem. I really enjoyed this talk. My second favorite from the whole camp.

Anonymous at 12:32 on 23 Mar 2015

Scenarios were relatable. "appropriate responses" were good, but maybe could've had a slide with all of them, or maybe a little bit more context for each. good recommendations for tools. The demo was long and maybe too early in the morning to engage the audience so much. Overall, good general presentation, though as an experienced developer, I didn't really learn much, more of a chance to commiserate.
the sun shining through behind the screen was hard on the eyes.

Ok. so in the two days back to work, this debugging session has come into mind due to work situations many time already! So. That is a good sign of a good session! THank you!