PHP Code Analysis Through Unit Testing


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Anonymous at 19:16 on 21 Mar 2015

I thought it was really a valuable talk as far as learning how to use the coverage report and then constructing tests based on that. Opened up many possibilities for this lite user of PHPunit. Thanks.

There were a few small technical issues in terms of being able to see everything on the screen easily, and parts of the presentation didn't flow together perfectly, but it was very good content, and offered a good amount of guidance and demonstration. I'm glad the presenter discussed Drupal 8/PHPUnit/SimpleTest, and it might be good in the future to add a little more discussion (maybe at the beginning) of where we are in testing, and the heritage of Drupal's testing framework(s).

Great topic and well performed live Demo! Maybe could've given more of an introduction to the topic & tools used.

Awesome talk! I will definitely be using code coverage analysis and CRAP scores as I look through other PHP-based projects and write my own tests. I always like talks that make you feel excited to go back to work and try something new out or think in a different way and this talk definitely fit the bill in that respect.

Anonymous at 12:32 on 29 Mar 2015

Excellent... where is the video??

Video here: