Remote Control: How to manage your distributed team’s time and get stuff done!


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Anonymous at 14:59 on 21 Mar 2015

Great overview on how distributed teams can effectively work together.

Anonymous at 15:01 on 21 Mar 2015

Distributed teams seem to be the way more and more people work these days. Ashleigh gives an awesome overview of how to keep everyone productive.

As someone who's worked on a few different remote teams, this presentation touched on almost all the major pain points with remote worker coordination, and how to solve them. Good overview of popular tools and organizational techniques.

Q&A session was very focused and helpful as well (the sign of a good presentation that brings out even better discussion!).

Anonymous at 17:16 on 22 Mar 2015

I appreciated the info on combining tools, and the insights into realistic expectations. I would have liked (and wish I'd thought to ask about) suggestions for learning/training for an inexperienced project manager.
More energy in presentation and connection to the audience would take this up a notch. Q&A was great.

I've personally had bad experiences working remotely, but the presenter did a nice job of hitting all the pain points I've experienced with thoughts on how to mitigate those issues. I even got some links to tools that I had never seen before but looked really useful.

I would have liked to see more numbers in the presentation, like analysing how your remote workers work, when they take a break, etc. and distilling some insights out of that. I think adding some slides based on that could turn this into a killer data-driven presentation. Most of the points I felt were general assertions without hard data, and I just like data.

Overall, great job!

P.S. The slides to this presentation on the MADcamp site need access...I don't know if this is the place to point this out, but I thought I would just in case.

@Alex, Thank you for the feedback and note about the access issue. I updated the slides and everyone should be able to view now!

Loved comparing notes having worked for distributed companies for the last few years.