Security: Tales from the field.


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Great story-based approach. Putting the stories first really helps to convey the impact of vulnerabilities.

Anonymous at 00:00 on 22 Mar 2015

Really interesting way to present this subject and it made me realize my own vulnerabilities. I would have liked a little more explanation of how the xss hack worked. One of my favorite presentations of the camp.

I learned from this talk and the story format was amusing.

Story based approach was a great spin on security. Especially tieing in items not exactly Drupal, but general security items.

Great scenarios without getting too technical, while still making some great technical and general recommendations. Engaging and knowledgeable presenter!

Great topic. I really enjoyed the presentation format and story telling approach to the presentation. Who doesn't love a great story?! The content of the presentation was also very relevant and helpful.

The stories-first approach was engaging and put the audience in the role of "detective", thinking of ways to catch the criminal. I learned a ton of good stuff from this presentation, not least that until you figure out WHAT happened, you won't really be able to fix it. Thanks!