Speeding up Drupal 8 development using Drupal Console


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Great Session! Glad to be learning new tools to help work with D8 and build D8 Modules.

Use a black background and slightly larger font for console screen recordings. It was difficult to read the console on a white background.

Great talk. Cool tool. Looking forward to playing with it.

Anonymous at 10:14 on 21 Mar 2015

Good talk, I am a Drupal hobbyist still working with Drupal 7 but look forward to using Console as I learn D8. Only minor suggestion is that the intro sections could probably be a little shorter to leave more room for examples and more in depth info about Console.


Really good session.

Anonymous at 17:07 on 21 Mar 2015

I was so happy to go to your session. Very thorough and clear. I look forward to revisiting with all the resources you posted.

Anonymous at 11:56 on 22 Mar 2015

I unfortunately came in late and was hungover but could tell it was a good presenter/presentation.

I'm still a little unclear on how the console will meld with drush, but it seemed like the presenter said they are having discussions about that.

Also, it was cool to hear that the presenter was also talking to Laravel people since they also use the Symfony console for their Artisan CLI. Props to getting off the island, man!

Anonymous at 15:12 on 23 Mar 2015

Great info about a tool I was not aware of.