We're all a little mad; recruiting and retaining dedicated volunteers


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Anonymous at 15:07 on 21 Mar 2015

Loved this talk - Stephanie is an engaging presenter, the presentation was full of interesting insight that was applicable to all project teams.

Thanks Stephanie - the principles in the talk really can be applied to any team. good stuff!

Anonymous at 11:39 on 23 Mar 2015

fantastic. the way the speaker described the images on the screen was great, both for people who could not see them, and to help expand on the point of what was being discussed.

I learned several things, and came away with action I could take right away to improve both volunteer and work teams.

Anonymous at 12:59 on 23 Mar 2015

Very good. Clever and funny use of visuals, lots of concrete info.

Anonymous at 14:17 on 23 Mar 2015

Best session I went to all day -- entertaining, engaging, and informative! I do small-level conference planning and all of the presenter's tips were super helpful.

Excellent presentation. Stephanie is certainly experienced and enthusiastic. My only tip is to include more real-world examples.