Chasing The Dream of Style Guide Driven Development in Drupal 8


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Anne Bonham at 18:13 on 19 Mar 2016

I wasn't able to attend this one in person but listening to the recording was life-changing! Thanks!

Michael Miles at 11:10 on 21 Mar 2016

I very much enjoyed this session. The content was clearly explained, providing insights into why using a style guide to drive development is important (on a broad scale), some methods for implementing in Drupal (such as the style guide module) and how to make it easy to keep your style guide up to date (such as with KSS) . Presentation wise, Brian did a great job. The session was well passed and the visuals helped drive the points made to the crowd.

Chris Weber at 09:29 on 23 Mar 2016

I really liked this talk and it helped me understand that I've been trying to integrate styleguides wrong. I hope that the technology can improve over time to make it an even more seamless integration.