Death to VMs and Massive Repos! Dockerizing a Composer Based Development Workflow in D8


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Anne Bonham at 16:09 on 19 Mar 2016

Really great session!

I really enjoyed this session and there was a lot of helpful information about why and how to use docker containers and composer for dev workflow. I was distracted by the notices that kept popping up while he was presenting, but otherwise I think Doug did an awesome job.

Michael Miles at 11:34 on 21 Mar 2016

Throughout this presentation it was clearly evident that Doug has a great interest, insight and experience with using a docker/composed based development workflow. He provide a lot of information on the subject, detailing the differences between using VM's vs. Docker. He also did a fine job at handling some curve-ball questions thrown by the audience and responded in a positive, constructive way.

I would have liked to have seen some more concrete examples of the benefits of using Docker/Composer over a VM based workflow. Perhaps a table of metrics showing the performance differences. This presentation could have also benefitted from providing an additional walkthrough/explanation on how to setup and configure Docker and composer for a D8 workflow.

The only negative I have for this presentation is that Facebook alerts did pop-up periodically and were a distraction. For future presentations I'd recommend double checking that all messaging/notifications are turned off.

Emil Lazarov at 23:14 on 21 Mar 2016

I found the presentation really informative and revealing about Docker. Doug managed to make it as technical and practically useful as the time allowed. Great job!