Project Discovery for Drupal


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Michael Miles at 11:43 on 21 Mar 2016

Larry provided the audience with a wealth of knowledge and insights into the importance of project discovery. His timing and pacing was fast enough to keep the session moving, but slow enough to allow the audience to take notes. Really well done. Larry provide much detail about the types of questions that should be asked during/after the discovery phase for a Drupal (and any) project.

Staring at slide after slide with nothing but lists of questions did get repetitive and at a few points I found my eyes glazing over. Perhaps an improvement could be speaking only at a higher level about the different discovery sections (Goals, process, etc...), why each one is important, who the discussions should be with and how to approach asking the right questions. While doing so showing just a few examples of the types of questions to ask.

Joe Vangsness at 16:51 on 24 Mar 2016

Larry did a great job with this topic. He provided a good overview and then several slides which covered all the bases of discovery.

His slides will make a good reference document for anyone learning discovery.

He was definitely passionate about this subject.