Midcamp Session


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Tessa Kriesel at 13:08 on 3 Apr 2017

I really enjoyed this session. There was a lot of great information, even if you aren't necessarily a manager or building teams. I always appreciate hearing that a company is more successful when they have a woman on their team. ;-)

David Needham at 13:49 on 3 Apr 2017

Drew is my boss, but this session helped me take a look at how I'm being a manager on our team. Drew is an excellent presenter and communicates his points clearly.

This was awesome despite Drew's initial presentation hiccup (which wasn't as bad as he thought). By the end of camp, I was able to interact with several members of Drew's team or see them present. While his team didn't appear to be particularly diverse, they provided an otherwise great illustration of the effectiveness of the message he delivered.