Midcamp Session


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Rated 5

Jeff Geerling at 17:29 on 1 Apr 2017

Very fun session—the gist of it is that playing around with things like IoT devices can be an entertaining diversion *and* lead to interesting insights in your day-to-day work. Kind of a 'brain stretching' exercise. Fun examples to illustrate the presentation too.

Rated 5

Chris Hamper at 10:17 on 2 Apr 2017

Definitely not what I was expecting, and in a good way. A very humorous, entertaining, and thought-provoking wander through the presenter's experiences playing around with with IoT, and his worries and musings about how he might continue to fit into the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Rated 5

Tessa Kriesel at 13:02 on 3 Apr 2017

Awesome! The content was great, the humor made is very enjoyable. And your slide "clicker" was absolutely fantastic. :)

Rated 5

Tim Madden at 16:19 on 3 Apr 2017

Good out of the box thinking