Pantheon is a website management platform for Drupal & WordPress that provides lightning-fast hosting and best-in-breed web development tools for your team. Learn how to use Pantheon like a seasoned Drupal developer and level up your Drupal development game.

We'll walk through time-saving development workflows on Pantheon's development platform. Pantheon uses Git and high-performance technologies like Varnish and Redis to keep your clients happy.

In this class you will:

Become intimate with development workflows.
Learn best practices for working with teams.
Sync up local environments with Kalabox.
Push code up to your Pantheon Dev environment.
Deploy code changes to your Test and Live environments.
Move configuration changes between environments.

Bring your laptop; this session will be hands on.

Bring your questions or websites to migrate; we'll have time at the end of the day for consulting.


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