Breaking the Stereotype


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Anonymous at 14:41 on 15 Mar 2015

Great and fun talk!

Great talk on a great topic!

Amy is a great speaker, offers a great insight from her own experience as a developer, and nails a lot of points right on the head and opens up a lot of opportunity to think and discuss!

Thank you!!!

Well done. Very positive message about making yourself a better developer by being a better member of the team.

Anonymous at 15:00 on 15 Mar 2015

Fun, energetic presentation about how to improve your software by improving your team (communication, empathy, involvement, ownership).

High-quality presentation about overcoming the developer stereotype to reach across the aisle and get involved with your fellow co-workers, be they project managers, designers, QA, or another role. It sparked a lot of interesting dialogue during the Q&A session, which I think is one measure of a great talk.

This was a great session which sparked useful conversation. Thank you!