Container Coding


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A very good subject, but the presentation was not well done. Too much text, conflation of patterns, overly focused on talking about database as persistence instead of detail.

The demo app to accompany the talk is at

Needed better more concise explanations of when to use which pattern. Wall of text slides failed to keep my attention.

In this talk "Container Coding", a term I have never heard before, is used as a way of describing a group of design patterns which are structural in nature and serve to create greater separation of concerns within your application. I was already familiar with most of these concepts but I think Patrick did a good job of summarizing them. Being familiar with the topics already I would have liked more PHP specific examples, but that is just me and wouldn't be for everyone. I would probably attend another talk by Patrick in the future.

The meat of the talk was insightful and instructive, though it never quite made a connection back to the title and the presentation itself seemed a little under-rehearsed. Nonetheless, the speaker came off as knowledgeable on the subject matter. It was unfortunate the accompanying code samples weren't incorporated into the talk (time constraint?) as they look as if they would've added value. Over all, well done.