Demystifying the REST API


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Excellent talk.

Anonymous at 10:50 on 15 Mar 2015

Interesting content, well presented, intriguing resource links. Might want to reconsider your color choices for colorblind people - e.g., the Cache slide; also blue-on-black.

Anonymous at 10:54 on 15 Mar 2015

Great talk, good pace, lots of info. Loved that she have a good amount of resources at the end. I will definitely look into other talks by Samantha.

Good talk about the big picture dos and don'ts of the REST API and how it works

Anonymous at 11:01 on 15 Mar 2015

Excellent coverage of the background that lead to REST, providing a solid foundation for what assumptions are embedded in the pattern.

Anonymous at 11:01 on 15 Mar 2015

Contagious enthusiasm about a topic that can often be confusing and deflating. Making people excited about HATEOAS instead of fearing it is the key to making everyone's lives easier, whether they're designing an API or consuming it.

Good speaker, good energy, would have liked some more concrete demos.

Good talk on the philosophy of RESTful services. Wish the slides lingered a bit more on each of the key tenets of RESTful services. There were some dots on a client-server diagram, but I couldn't see what each stood for, and the talk rushed through the definitions of those tenets. Other than that, very nice talk.

The content of your talk and your confident delivery made it clear you knew what you were talking about, and I was glad to see that you put emphasis on some of the little things that one might not find in any given tutorial or blog post. You were engaging and knowledgeable.

Anonymous at 08:31 on 16 Mar 2015

I enjoyed the talk. I have zero direct experience with REST api, so I was hoping to learn a little more about it - but that is ok, the talk helped me appreciate what can be used for and the importance of following the standards (once I delve into it...)

Shout outs to RFC 2616? Clear explanation of what defines a REST API? Engaging presentation? Check, check, and check. Well done!

My only ask would be some discussion of what alternatives to REST are out there. (I often feel like every API is a REST API, that varies in the success of its implementation. Some high level coverage of for example, SOAP, would have helped me. But maybe this is better left to another talk? *hint hint*)

I found this talk to be overly philosophical/ethereal. Not enough concrete detail. At the same time, I felt it was based around too much exercising of her liberal arts degree as she used sentences like "We can obviate that with caching" or "that is a pedantically true statement". If your talk is based around attempting to increase your audience vocabulary, please provide dictionaries at the door. Otherwise, explain yourself in plain, clear language.

I've seen videos of this speaker talking about REST before, they were good. This talk was an excellent update. When I looked at the slide deck later (on my computer) I saw the slides looked a lot nicer then they did on the projector. Maybe there's a better color scheme that will translate better when there's a not so nice projector in the mix.

I really enjoyed this talk. Samantha did a fantastic job of presenting this broad range of information in a compressed format. While it was not any new information for me personally it is the type of presentation I would like to have all of the developers on our team see first hand. REST and HTTP are not actually a complicated topics but sadly most developers are lack a fundamental understanding of both. The slide deck was comprehensive but not wordy. I would definitely attend another talk by Samantha.

Anonymous at 19:09 on 17 Mar 2015

Informative presentation from an intelligent and enthusiastic source. Maybe a little less pacing back and forth though?