Developing and Deploying PHP with Docker


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Very clear, details presentation. Very brave doing live demo but it went spectacularly well.

Great speaker, slide deck with MEME images, clear presentation of A LOT of information very very quickly.

Probably the only issue is the speed. Covering so much ground so fast, but I look forward to checking out this git repo when it's up.

Live Demo didn't go 'quite' as planned, but definitely well presented and I can absolutely see the advantages of using Docker.

Actually... Live Debug!!! Very nice recovery, sir!

Thanks Patrick!

Anonymous at 11:45 on 14 Mar 2015

Great presentation, good info, very interesting.

Good information and a very energetic presentation. I also appreciated that he was speaking from experience. It added to the usefulness of the material.

The only small critique I have would be to reduce the amount of content to allow a little more time for explanation and make the presentation feel less rushed. Overall, great job!

Really good information, energy, and pace in this talk. Kept my nose out of my laptop even though I've used Docker before. Great job.

Good talk, demo could have been more completely prepared. Overall lots of good information in a dense form. Very useful.

Anonymous at 12:48 on 14 Mar 2015

Anonymous at 13:04 on 14 Mar 2015

Lots of information. Enough to get my hands dirty, comfortably.

Good talk, it definitely clears some things up and gets the interest up. Looking forward to the future of docker.

Good talk - corrected some misconceptions I had about docker and gave a nice clear explanation of the practical plumbing involved. Thanks!

Strong introduction to Docker why and how.

Really liked this talk. Got me interested in giving Docker a try. I'm fuzzy on a couple of details, but interested to explore more.

I want to use Docker now! Seriously knowledgeable speaker who was not afraid to say "this technology should probably not be used in production", but made me want to explore it on my dev machine ASAP.

Live demo could have gone better, but Patrick dealt with the issues he had very well.

These are usually my favorite presentations. Those that mix a real world example all the way through the deck while sprinkling in knowledge and helpful links to get going on your own. Thanks.