From Zero to Silex


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Solid walkthrough of building a simple application using Silex.

Very simple and easy to understand.

Larry seems to have a minor misunderstanding of the users of PUT and POST, at least based on the code he showed us, but I won't hold that against him.

I am definitely more interested in checking out Silex now after this.

Thanks for the talk!!!

F Stephen: PUT is for update-in-place in an idempotent way. POST is commonly for "create" but generically for any "processing" task. :-) Glad you enjoyed the talk!

Anonymous at 14:58 on 15 Mar 2015

Good coverage of how to get up & running with Silex, via live code / demo.

Looking forward to making use of Silex in a place or 2 where Symfony's opinionated approach made it a poor fit. Thank you!

Came away from this talk with a better understanding of what Silex is and why it might be good to use it in a project. That's exactly what I was looking for, so kudos!

Overall, a very solid presentation that demonstrated how an experienced developer can get up and running quickly with Silex. As a more intermediate-level developer, I would have appreciated a bit more of an overview regarding what features Silex provides out of the box and a high-level explanation of some of its commonly-integrated packages (I recall that Pimple and Hal were discussed, but at various points during the presentation, and not in a way that set the audience up to know what they were getting into).

One new piece of information I picked up on (and tweeted about) that I didn't know before the talk: PhpStorm has a built in REST client! I still would not have known that had Larry not done the live demonstration, and that knowledge alone be very useful in the future.

Good information on a framework I knew nothing about. If nothing else, I walked away with the idea to use Silex for an API backed by Drupal. The live coding format is a bit challenging for keeping the audience engaged, though. (At least my mind wandered at times on the second afternoon of the conference.) If you could intersperse some more traditionally-presented framework facts and some comparisons to other microframeworks, I think it would really improve the presentation and help keep the audience focused - even if you had to compress some of the time spend coding. Thanks for giving the talk!

Nice overview of Silex. I've used Silex before, but there were some really nice ideas in here on how to structure an application, and some examples of things that I had struggled with in the past. It's nice to have some code samples now!

As someone familiar with micro-frameworks in general I would have liked more information specifically about Silex's APIs. More structure would have helped communicate this better, I think.

Good demo and I like the running commentary on what makes a micro frame work "micro". Maybe the code examples would have been better if you had shown the diffs from one checkout to another. It was a little hard to follow what had been changed from one step to another.

Anonymous at 19:24 on 17 Mar 2015

Nice demonstration of getting an app up and running with Silex.