Getting off the Freelance Roller-Coaster


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Interesting insight into managing freelance work and building a business around it

Nice tips, prompted good discussion.

Really enjoyed this talk, even as a seasoned freelancer I took a ton away from this. Thanks Yitz.

Excellent talk. The content—both the words spoken and slides presented—was at a level of quality above most talks I've seen at PHP conferences. The information was excellent. I would have enjoyed even more personal stories interwoven into the content.

Great points - I've been freelancing for nearly 10 years and everything you said was relatable, and spot on. Your slide on Diversification made me think of two different points about diversification - diversifying your customer base so you don't have all your eggs in one basket, and diversifying your skill set so you can serve more customers (which I'm sure could prompt a good discussion about generalization vs specialization on its own). Even though I must be doing something right to be entering year 10, your talk was good confirmation that I'm on the right track and I'm glad I'm not the only one that deals with "an object at rest tends to stay at rest". Thank you!

Fantastic advice for freelancers. (I almost said 'professional freelancers', which sounds redundant until you hear Yitzchok talk about it.)

There were plenty of good points that even someone not freelancing can implement. Very interesting ideas about managing your work at home and how to keep your work and consumption separate.

"Quality" is most definitely the first word that comes to mind for this talk. Yitz seemed very well prepared and was a pleasure to listen to. I really liked the discussion time at the end and really appreciated the perspective/responses.

Very good tips, very good talk. Came away feeling inspired. I'd still like to hear more of how to take those first steps, even if it's by way of example. Sort of like, I've decided to freelance, I've never freelanced, now what? What do I do day 1, week 1, month 1, year 1? (Maybe I just need conference talks as a service...)

Anyway, thank you, very helpful, very well done!

Excellent talk. The speaker's calm voice and excellent clarity of language was outstanding. I felt relaxed and receptive just listening to him. He did a great job of explaining the thought process that has to go into self employment. I really liked his time management philosophy as well. I wish there was more detail in his slides but mostly they were just there as paragraph titles for his spoken words. Without a video to go with the slides, I feel they would be of little value.

I would also suggest velcro dots for those slippery Yarmulkes. :-)

Incredible practical advice for freelancers. I've been freelancing since 2008 (7 years) and Yitz eloquently articulated inspirational wisdom that has already positively influenced my freelance life the very next day after the talk.

I had to hold back from periodically shouting out a hearty "amen" as truth was being spoken throughout the talk. Thank you very much Yitz! :)

It's almost too bad the title included "freelance" because I'm not currently such. This talk was sound business advice, and indeed sound advice for getting through a productive life. Thank you!

To be sure, the focus was on Freelance work. I'm not complaining about the title; the speaker delivered precisely as advertised. Well Done.

This was another if my favorite talks from the conference. Yitzchok was a fantastic speaker, very knowledgeable and well spoken. While I am not currently a freelancer nor do I plan to be one in the near future the content of this talk was invaluable. Most of the content is applicable in some way to freelancers and people who work remotely. Great slide deck. I would definitely attend another talk by Yitzchok.

I've been freelancing a long time and I still picked up several gems from this talk. Thanks for sharing your experience!