Getting TLS Right


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Great talk on a really DEEP topic. The talk was a really great intro at a high level. great breakdown, great info, and most importantly, there were recommendations. Both for best practices and for further reading.

Nice work.

Great information on an important topic. Tough to fit all that detail into an hour, but I walked out with a great testing tool and some good resources to make sure my sites are all configured correctly.

Lots of good information, but the speaker when though some slides a little fast.

Great high level talk. I left with a better understanding of things I was already using (and that makes me feel scared for future me!) Cryptography is complex but absolutely essential and unfortunately, so many non-experts are the ones implementing. Thank you for demystifying some of the theory and acronyms.

Anonymous at 17:30 on 15 Mar 2015

This is a really hard topic to cover, but I feel like the speaker did a really good job of giving a high level overview that gives people an insight into just what to expect when they want to dig in a little further.
Excellent job!

This was an extremely complex topic that could have very easily gotten too deep in the weeds, so I appreciated that Zack chose a more high-level route. He provided the right balance of technical information with relevant places attendees can go to find out more, along with a hearty dose of reality about the current state of web security. Prior to this talk, I had only a passing interest in TLS, and now I feel inspired to find out more and learn about tools I can use to implement stronger security for my client's sites.

Zack was a blast to listen to - and his speaking style easily keeps my attention. In this talk, he balanced making crazy complex content approachable (and even a bit fun) with pushing the attendees outside of their comfort zone to ensure all felt challenged. Well done.

Good presentation of a very complicated subject that I've only had surface level exposure to. Of I any talk I went to I probably took in the most information from this one. That said, I could have used more guidance on what were the key points and recommendations to walk away with, maybe a summary slide at the end? Props for taking the deep dive on this topic.

This tied for my favorite talk of the weekend. Great information and at just the right technical level. I finally figured out what I was doing when I was copy and pasting in a TLS setup string. --And, even more valuable, found out i was doing it wrong!

Anonymous at 18:35 on 17 Mar 2015

Engaging presentation of complicated subject matter in an understandable way.