Hack - Why Should I Care?


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Anonymous at 10:52 on 14 Mar 2015

Very informative, excited to learn more tonight in my hotel room, lol :)

Thanks for presenting!

Great talk!

I really appreciate the Joel's willingness to say "I don't know".

I am convinced now to check out Hack and HHVM, and full disclosure, I'm a Front End Developer (read JavaScript Make Goer).

Thanks for Speaking!

Anonymous at 11:01 on 14 Mar 2015

Very good into to key features of hack language.

Code slides might have been easier to read on a white background.

Great introduction to the language. and type system at large.

Very nice talk. Would have liked a little more high-level "how will this change my life" and less low-level "this is how it's different from PHP".

Joel is a ridiculously fun speaker. This talk was both informative and motivating - would echo the comment of modifying the colors/sizes of the code samples for the folks in the back.

Good talk, would have liked to see complete examples of all the new structs, like Tuple and Set. Otherwise, was a perfect intro to Hack.

Anonymous at 11:50 on 14 Mar 2015

A great intro. Lighter text colors for code examples may be easier to see next time.

Anonymous at 12:59 on 14 Mar 2015

Interesting talk, covered the intro well.

Great overview - stoked to try hhvm

Anonymous at 11:06 on 15 Mar 2015

Joel made no bones about being a newcomer to Hack. Considering that the language is a year old, that category includes everyone. This talk included a lot of practical advice, including useful improvements over PHP, converting a project (or parts of a project) to Hack, and even a little tooling. Loved it. Could have wished for a little more knowledge, but I doubt that anyone but a Hack developer at Facebook could have done much better.

Anonymous at 17:05 on 15 Mar 2015

Good, straightforward introduction. Natural and easy delivery of the presentation. A little too much time spent on static typing.

Great intro to Hack, solid information, and excellent presentation. I was particularly struck by the idea that the "performance/speed" gains are best thought of as "developer performance/speed" gains. I would still like to hear more on how to get started with Hack in a large legacy codebase. Any recommended approaches for slow role? Git strategy?

Great presenter, open minded...covered my expectations precisely.

Good Talk. I had been looking into Hack myself and got even more information from this talk.