Inside Laravel 5.0


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Nice talk, seemed pretty thorough given time limits (but did go a little long), handled questions well.

Excellent introduction to Laravel 5! Very good balance of what's possible abd best practice.

Great introduction to laravel 5. Nice overview of the features of 5 and the differences between 4.x and 5.

Great high level talk on what is new/different in Laravel 5

Yitz did a great job with his talk. Was knowledgeable on the topic and discussion flowed well. I would definitely attend more of his talks.

Well done getting through the big changes, considering the time constraints. Definitely a talk that will guide my own learning about the new version

Excellent talk. It is difficult to get this much information across in such a straightforward way. Yitz does a great job of building upon previous slides and concepts to really teach while speaking. His flow is consistent, calm, and refreshingly well thought out. Highly recommend seeing him speak if you have the chance.

Nice overview of a lot of features and changes in a short time

Very enjoyable, I have no idea about Laravel 4 but I'm glad I got a chance to see the direction Laravel is going which looks really cool.

As a developer who has mostly worked with WordPress at this point in my career, I felt that this was a very good introduction to Laravel 5. I have been casually following the framework for awhile, and Yitz's overview of the many features new to this version convinced me to download and install it to check it out. Since I don't have any previous experience with the framework, I didn't benefit as much as others from the comparisons to the earlier version, but there was still plenty of information in the talk that engaged me.

While I don't use Laravel 5, it was interesting as an outsider to see some of the things that are coming about in the framework.

Only complaint was some of the red/pink text was hard to read, but that was an issue with the projector more than anything.

This talk was exactly what I needed as a Laravel 4 user that hasn't really been tracking what's new in 5. The bullet point list at the end was helpful, but a little overwhelming, particularly in contrast to the deep dives on earlier topics.

Great overview of the new features. I really liked the use of pictures to explain terms that are ambiguous (from one framework to another). I only wish this talk occurred later in the day; it was pretty early for me, still though, I learned a lot.

I am just discovering Laravel Framework and it was really great and easy to absorb set of info. Thank you!