MySQL 5.7 -- New Features, Better Performance, and Things That Will Break


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Really happy to hear about the changes to logging. Being able to switch on logging on a production server without restarting mysqld will be massive for us!

Glad to hear the changes that are coming, we do support a lot of clients using wordpress. Hopefully there will be enough push from the MySQL side to encourage an update on the wordpress front. In general this was a nice overview of what is coming. Some more in depth discussion would be nice to add as well.

Anonymous at 13:50 on 14 Mar 2015

exposure to new features (visual explain, max statement time) and potential breakages was very helpful.

This was my favorite kind of talk: One that showed me just how much I don't know on a topic. Dave was engaging and fun. Kept me awake after lunch for sure.

Dave is a quiet mannered individual, but don't let that fool you, he knows how to engage a crowd. This talk was packed with lots of good info, and also gives a glimpse into the company behind MySQL. That combined with some good humour made this a winning talk for me. One suggestion, the slides were a little info heavy and under-designed. Maybe an area to try and improve moving forward.

Anonymous at 17:29 on 15 Mar 2015

Great talk! Lots of good info! I found out there is going to be a killer feature for me in the upcoming release so I am going to hold out a while with MySQL rather than migrate to MariaDB as I had planned earlier.

Anonymous at 18:38 on 17 Mar 2015

Valuable information and explanation of new features. Glad to see the stricter security defaults.