Navigating Your Git Repository


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My personal favorite talk at the conference so far. Commands last for the life of the software, underlying ideas last a lifetime.

Well done and concise

Great talk on a needed topic. Consider updating the rebase slide to show the unreachable shas still exist (possibly other slides have same issue?).

Anonymous at 11:47 on 15 Mar 2015

Much much more basic than I was expecting from the description, there was no detail about blobs and very little about the actual internals which is what I was hoping for. It was mostly just an explanation of what a graph data structure is.

Anonymous at 11:48 on 15 Mar 2015

Good intro to DAG nature of git. Could use more clarification of where unreachable commits remain in the case of rebase, reset.

Higher contrast in the slides would help too, at least in the environment for this conference.

It's hard to make a talk that centers on navigating graphs both informative and engaging. Gemma pulled it off masterfully. I definitely came away with a new appreciation of how fit works under the covers!

Great talk. I think it was good for beginners (or those who have only a superficial knowledge of git). That's exactly what I expected from the description.

I'd like to see a follow-up talk that digs in further and covers the internals of git in more detail.

I came into this talk feeling like a fairly competent Git user. But seeing the internals helped me to realize how much more there is to learn. I had a few "aha" moments in this talk. Great presentation.

Good explanation of the GIT tree structure and the commands and how they interact

Great enthusiastic talk! Some of my favorite presentations are one that leave you with one big aha moment. Understanding that git is a graph that only moves in one direction is a really big aha and makes a lot of things make more sense. Thank you very much for the clear explanation!

You brought just the right about of practical explanation and levity to a subject that is at its core very technical and often hard to grok. Good job all around.

I was a little concerned as this started out. It seemed a little disorganized. I would have also liked to have seen a couple of short demos rather than just the graph diagrams. That way I would have seen what it looked like in the client software as well as the diagrams of what I would be seeing. I would have marked this talk lower based on just the presentation but for the question and answer period at the end. There seemed to be no question that she could not answer, and I picked more up from this time than the proceeding talk. I ended up walking out at the end pretty impressed.

I've been using git for a while now and I have a pretty good sense of how some of the features work, however I still have a lot to learn. I really appreciated your explanation of 'reset' and 'rebase'.

For me, this was serendipity. I didn't know that this was what I needed to know. Gemma spoke at the right level with a great perspective.