Scaling Magento - Reaching Peak Performance


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Anonymous at 08:34 on 16 Mar 2015

This talk wasn't the most informative, but I did enjoy it as I work with Magento on a daily basis (development, maintain, server admin, etc...). We were able to pick Matt's brain at the end a bit and he seems open to future communications - so I will be keeping his card handy. He does seem to be a pro when it comes to Magento development and hosting.

Quite a bit of information for people not knowing how to start scaling Magento. Q & A afterward was very useful.

The speaker went through things rather fast. Granted, he did get a late start due to technical difficulties. Also, the slides had a lot of text on them ... some were a bit overwhelming.

I thought the talk would be more about tweaks and configuration settings but it seemed to be more about server setups. Maybe I'm just too new to Magento to understand the ins and outs of the software.

Anonymous at 16:58 on 17 Mar 2015

The speaker did a great job despite the initial technical difficulties, which caused him to rush. The presentation was informative from a high level and it's apparent he knows what he's talking about. My recommendations for improvements are to slow down if time allows, provide deeper explanations, slides and setups