Scaling WordPress


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Anonymous at 13:02 on 15 Mar 2015

Fantastic and practical.

Great advice, much of which is applicable beyond the context of WordPress.

Lots of good information about caching data. I definitely have a better understanding of things than I did before this talk.

Appropriately paced and engaging. Zack's presentation style is comfortable and informative.

This was an excellent, high-energy, and well-paced presentation that - in my mind - was largely a trojan horse to talk about caching, and I mean that in only the best way possible. Zack discussed a variety of methods/plugins/code libraries that a WordPress developer can use to prepare their site for an unexpected spike in traffic, and offered some additional tips that some may not have previous considered, such as making sure there's a separation in the web layer between the front-end and admin portions of the site.

Anonymous at 08:29 on 16 Mar 2015

Excellent talk, well spoken and very informative. Experience is speaking from high traffic site/s but useful for all levels of Wordpress sites.

A lot of the advice was not specific to Wordpress and could easily be applied to any (PHP or other) web application. Clearly Zack has experience with running a web application at scale and communicated clearly what he has learned in the process.

great talk, great speaker

I came to this talk from the perspective of a plugin developer rather than a site maintainer so not all of the content was completely applicable to me. However, there were a few bits of information about WordPress that I found very useful and I walked away with affirmation that the approach we have been taking in our plugin is a good one from a scalability perspective. Overall Zack was a good presenter and had a well composed slide deck. I would attend another talk by Zack.

Anonymous at 19:12 on 17 Mar 2015

Great presentation full of useful methods to scale a site. Better yet, the techniques can be extended beyond WordPress.