The Only Girl in the Room


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Dialog was good. Would have been better to allow more questions by limiting responses to one panelist. Great to see so many men in the room.

Great panel. Thought provoking. I especially loved Beth's intro. You can't understand an issue until you walk in someone else's shoes and Beth's personal experiences made that shine through.

I really enjoyed this as a frank discussion of diversity in tech and life in general.

I applaud Beth for being willing to share some real world examples from her own life.

Great talk! Thank you!

Good discussion around an uncomfortable and nuanced problem. Probably needed more time as the discussion ran long many were unable to ask their questions.

Good intro by Beth to highlight some of the problems. Great discussions.

Very insightful. I just wish the panel had been in a 2 hour time slot.

Really worthwhile panel discussion. It would have been nice to allow for more questions, but I think that more time should have been allowed for the panel overall, as the responses were all very valuable. Thanks to Beth for sharing her experiences to help everyone connect at a personal level to the issue.

I haven't been exposed directly to most of what was discussed yet; it was good to be able to attend the discussion

This panel discussion was a sobering reminder that we in the development community have a long way to go when it comes to providing a safe and inclusive work environment for all. Beth courageously shared some heartbreaking examples of sexism, double-standards, and sexual harassment she has faced as a professional developer, and it sparked robust conversation about where we are as an industry today, and what can be done to improve things.

I strongly agree with those who thought this discussion should have been longer, and I'm very appreciative of Beth, Eryn, and Gary for sharing their thoughts and opinions on this topic. I hope we will continue to see more talks like this at other conferences in the future.

Excellent content and presentation. Very impressed by how the panel handled some uncomfortable questions (answering honestly without hostility). It was a great case study for moving the discussion forward without alienating people.

Awesome to see so many supportive folk in the room. I really wish this could have been a keynote, as the issue of sexism in our industry deserves way more attention than it gets. Panelists, not all women was a fantastic choice -- Knowing Gary has daughters (as I have a daughter) was a point that resonated with me and helped make me more open to understanding and accepting what I can do as a man in tech.

Much applause to Beth for sharing what she did; that must have been a very difficult thing to do. Very well negotiated around an emotional and scary topic that was well received by all attendees.

Like at least some of the other men in the room, my interest in this talk stemmed from the fact that I have a daughter who's future I care dearly about. Beth started the talk off with some great examples of where she has personally experienced this issue. Ofter the slides the panel began a discussion with the audience about the issue of sexism in the development community. It was a good discussion and I am glad some people are having it, unfortunately it is a much larger conversation than can be had in just a half hour. I hope to see more people carrying this flag throughout this and all other fields of work and walks of life. Gary raised a fantastic point that a very small thing that we can all do in support of this cause is the boycott any event that does not include a code of conduct. I would definitely attend another talk about this subject and found all three of the panel members compelling presenters.

So very thankful this happened. All of the panelists were honest, open, and personal. It really exposed the uncomfortable reality that is in our industry's culture. My only complaint was the time constraint. I really, truly, hope to see something like this again, perhaps with a two hour time slot.

The format for questions worked quite well. It felt respectful and fair. I appreciated that when folks started speaking outside of the agreed format, we had a moderator to bring it back.

Well done, speakers - and thank you for coming up with the idea and being willing to do this.

A very needed, if depressing, look at what women developers sometimes have to deal with. Glad that Beth and Eryn were willing to speak up about it, and the panel discussion with the audience went very well.

It was good to see this topic put out on the table for open discussion. The question format was well thought through as well. Thank you to everyone who participated. There were other topics I'd have liked to see covered, but that's just as much on me for not asking the questions. The only critique I had was that I'd theorize that the people that chose this talk were probably on the higher end of the awareness bell curve regarding this issue. I would support doing this as a keynote.

Again, thanks to everyone who made this difficult conversation possible.

I've known it's real for decades but never really understood from the woman's perspective. The final question/answer is what I've least understood: That ongoing inner dialogue. Thank you.

This was a great panel. I had never worked with any woman developers before so this was very educational for me. It's great to have knowledge about what is happening out there and I got some great tips on how to approach people if I see or hear things happening. There was a lot of discussion but I think not everyone got to speak. It would be great if this could be a longer session.