What's in Your Project Root?


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Anonymous at 15:40 on 14 Mar 2015

Thanks! Good overview of the tools and files to organize.

Great presentation skills. No deep dives, but enough of a survey to get people to look deeper on their own if interested.

This talk delivered on its promise: to expose attendees to the huge variety of files they might encounter when working with an open-source project. Jeremy handily mapped out a sample file structure so that newer devs will have a better understanding of which directories are there, what their purpose is, and the files that might be found within them. He also provided a general overview of the tools that get used to create these files and what they do, and provided tips for files to include in one's GitHub repository. Great job!

Fun survey of tools and libraries that can help improve project workflow and code quality, along with some recommendations of best practices. Jeremy looped the audience into a giant "let's compare notes" session during the QA, which was also valuable.

(Hilarious side-note: I misread the '(phew)' in the abstract to mean a PHP tool called 'phew'. Turns out there IS a PHP testing framework called Phew!)

It is SO refreshing to hear the voice of real-world experience. One can advise "do such and such" all day long. Nobody listens. But when Jeremy can stand there and explain, "When you don't, THIS is how badly you get screwed, within seconds, because the wolves scrape the RSS feed," well, that's the voice of experience I can appreciate.

The talk was rock solid, proper level of coverage, but it's Jeremy's real-world experience which shined through.