You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's Interface


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Great presentation. I enjoyed the laughs, and definitely appreciated the viewpoint. This is something I think business needs to adopt whole heartedly. One of my favorite talks so far!

Anonymous at 21:19 on 14 Mar 2015

Excellent presentation. Best I saw all day!

Anonymous at 21:40 on 14 Mar 2015

Very interesting talk, good Information and great delivery even after technical difficulties

I love Eryn. She's so full of energy. And this talk shows me that I need to do more planning before building the administrative interfaces that I do.

Really good presentation, particularly considering the early tech difficulties that would have flustered me. I already bought the book recommended and looking forward to reading it.

Measure good software as software that people want to use and keep using. Including nerdy users. (e.g. of an API/tool)

Very useful things... clear ringing takeaways. Guys on my team (who probably won't rate the talks) said this was the most valuable talk for them.

Eryn is a very engaging and entertaining speaker who can pack a lot of information into her presentations. She did a very good job of making sure she found a way to connect her topic to everyone in the room, whether they be back end or front end developers or UX professionals.

Outstanding! Great material and very engaging.

Eryn is an excellent speaker, and this talk was equally informative and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the review of iterating with UX first...seems like a great companion to DDD and supporting agile software development in general.

Really loved how empowering this talk was for everyone in the room. Great presentation style, engaging, good sense of humor and nice stories that helped make the topic very tangible. One of my fav sessions of the conference!

Eryn was a fantastic speaker and humorous. The subject matter rings true to me as a developer and was incredibly well presented. Lots of takeaways for me to communicate to my colleagues at home.

I am glad to see a developer expressing the importance of front to back UX consideration. I see myself as more of a full stack developer so I can't relate directly to Eryn's purer back-end perspective but her presentation included a lot of information that is useful for anyone in the development community. UX is very important and I fully agree with her definition of "good software", "good software is software that people want to use and want to keep using". The slides where exactly as they should be in my opinion, short key points. It would be awesome if she could post them along with her notes that we can share the UX "Kool-aid" with our management. In both of the talks I went to that included Eryn she was a very compelling presenter and I would certainly attend her talks in the future.

I have admittedly seen Eryn give this talk before, but was eager to see it again. I still managed to walk away with new ideas and a sense of empowerment to own all aspects of my software, including the interface.

Eryn is an excellent speaker. Her style/approach maintains everyone's attention - from humor to really solid examples. As always, her talk was for sure one of the best at the conference.

Excellent presentation. It's helpful to have someone drag my head out of the weeds to see the complete picture of what all those lines of code are about - the end user.

Great talk. I had never considered getting involved in UX before, but Eryn demonstrated very well the reasons that developers should be involved. She's a very engaging speaker and her humor is spot on.

Anonymous at 19:26 on 17 Mar 2015

Great informative and engaging presentation.