Your inner Sysadmin


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Anonymous at 10:53 on 14 Mar 2015

Great job. Thanks for doing it!

Anonymous at 10:55 on 14 Mar 2015

Chock-full of suggestions, no empty filler. Thanks!

Anonymous at 10:58 on 14 Mar 2015

Some of the beginning of the talk felt super obvious/I already knew about in detail... But the last 1/3 was extremely helpful, I'll be making a bunch of installs on Monday per your recommendations. Overall, very useful and helpful info.

nice information! lots of good suggestions for tools. Some that I'm going to try to implement.

It did seem like a large topic for a 45 minute slot.

Got a great overview of the basics of server administration and security.

Great overview of admin tools for developers. Well paced and developed talk.

Good talk. Enough depth to be useful yet gentle enough to not lose developers with varying degrees of interest in server management.

Started out slow, but it definitely ended with some great tooling suggestions. Thanks!

Wow, tons of good info for anyone looking to improve their devops knowledge. Borderline intimidating. Chris knows his stuff and it shows. I love how he just talked, without reading from his slides. Good work Chris!

I work on a small team where I'm the only developer. Sometimes I have to deal with server related stuff if my boss (who usually handles that stuff) is unavailable. This talk makes me feel a little more confident about what I'm doing. :)

Lots of good info for developers. We have dedicated sysadmins and share a lot of info where I work to help keep devs knowledgeable. I learned some new things to use on my personal server! Totally using monit.

This talk gave me a really good appreciation for our sysadmin and a little more confidence to use some of these tools myself. Very well done!

Lots of great suggestions for would-be devops folks and those already knowledgeable about the topic. Good overview of some useful tooling available.

Overall this talk was a pretty good intro to DevOps for developers. I feel like it provided a good starting point for people but didn't go into enough details (time prohibiting) for someone to walk away and be able to run a server. If nothing else it was a glimpse for people to at least understand the scope of what they will need to learn to effectively take on a DevOpps role. I personally found the tools mentioned in the talk to be the most useful part of the talk. Chris was a good presenter and I would attend his talks again.

Good information. I picked up a couple of things and I have been a sys admin for years. One element of the talk I would caution. The auto creation of firewall rules. If I was a hacker and found I was being blocked I would suspect auto rule creation. I would renew my attack and spoof my address as his default gateway.

Anonymous at 18:01 on 17 Mar 2015

Great information and overview of the best available tools. This will help immensely with future projects.