Be a Bold Coder


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Bob Lindner at 09:41 on 5 Mar 2016

Great presentation with solid reminders and encouragement for continuously improving your skills coupled with piles of links to excellent resources. Thanks Beth!

Lots of great resources and ideas for carrying out best practices and continuing to learn new things

Tim Lindner at 09:44 on 5 Mar 2016

Great talk - sometimes we all forgot to continue learning and improving in the daily grind. Great resources too!

Robert Radtke at 09:44 on 5 Mar 2016

good overview of different angles for thinking about improving your code

Riley Major at 09:51 on 5 Mar 2016

You listed a lot of resources and provided good context and motivation.

Your tone seemed a somewhat muted and it felt a bit like you were just dumping information on us. Your demeanor changed quite a bit once your talk was over and you were individually engaging with folks.

Toward the end, with your "anxious" slide, you listed quite a few ideas which might have benefited from being listed as bullets on a slide (hackathons, small open source project contributions, panel discussions, lightning talks, etc.). This will also help folks downloading slides for your resource lists.

Overall this is a great collection of information and encouragement for new developers and contains plenty of resource reminders for veterans.

Thanks so much for putting this information together and presenting.

Woody Gilk at 10:05 on 5 Mar 2016

I would personally like to see a few more code samples and examples of output from the insepection tools that were mentioned.

Bill Condo at 08:48 on 7 Mar 2016

Beth provides a great landscape view of many of the elements to take your code and career beyond the first stage.

Dave Buchanan at 14:48 on 7 Mar 2016

Awesome presentation. Well thought out and tons of tips and ways to 'find out more'. Especially liked how the presenter began by defining who the presentation is geared for. And even though I've been around for a while, very glad I stuck around! It will be things to share with my fellow devs. Thanks.