Drupal 8: The Crash Course


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Riley Major at 14:56 on 4 Mar 2016

This was a lot of content, especially for me as I have no prior Drupal experience. It was unfortunately exacerbated by the technical difficulties which compressed your talk.

However, it seemed clear that you were proud of the great strides Drupal has made from 7 to 8. Thanks for your contributions to the open source community and for taking the time to introduce us to Drupal 8.

Jansen Price at 07:10 on 5 Mar 2016

Cool stuff, Larry. Thanks for putting this together.

Wes Reavely at 23:14 on 5 Mar 2016

The crude comments first: The first 10-15 minutes were plagued with A/V issues; Although apologized for, I'm not so much upset with the issues as much as I am upset with losing time to discuss further aspects of the material that could have been covered. Also, much of the information covered was pertaining to symphony; I enjoyed it thoroughly. However Symphony could've been mentioned in the title. While the beneifts and improvements of Drupal 8 were discussed in detail, the limits were never discussed, so I feel that I need more research to understand what Drupal is bad at.

The good stuff:
Larry's approach to presenting the content was unique, engaging and entertaining. Most everything presented can be categorized as "solutions" to prior problems and issues that raised concern throughout the community... Not so much as opinionated issues, but more so representations of a team working to improve a system for the sake of better practices, simpler maintenance, easier programming and smarter design.

I liked how the new version of Drupal leveraged much of the internal resources from Symphony so as to bond communities together rather than creating a new mouse trap with a new learning curve. I also liked how Larry explained this inheritance throughout the presentation. Drupal is not appropriate for every project, but I feel like I'm comfortable with its benefits in version 8 and its benefits overall from this presentation.