Encryption, authentication and data integrity in PHP


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Very good info and concise example code. Could have been better if the discussion was geared around some (simple) real-life examples.

M at 15:24 on 5 Mar 2016

It was very dry, but hey, so is the subject matter. Volume wasn't an issue for the front row but I suspect it might've been for the rear of the room. Slides were fantastic, though I would've preferred more emphasis on the zend-crypt (or other vetted libs) and a firmer suggestion against rolling one's own using the lower level APIs, but that's personal preference. If you want to encrypt stuff or send messages securely and privately over the interwebs, this talk is a fantastic starting point. Enrico did disclaim early on that the talk level was advanced and that certainly applied when various vocabulary was assumed (e.g., symmetric vs. asymmetric encryption). Enrico clearly knows his stuff and it shows.

Wes Reavely at 02:04 on 6 Mar 2016

Having a history of experience studying and implementing encryption routines, I can say that Enrico's presentation was on point. I agree with Michael's opinion that a little more enthusiasm would've benefitted the experience. Also, on one of the last slides there was a brief mention of PHP7's new random number functions, however I was looking forward to doing more in depth digging into PHP7's capabilities and implementation.

A great overall presentation of the proper way to implement cryptography from a php developer's perspective.

I enjoyed Enrico's presentation. He clearly understands his material and made great points. Even though I'm not anywhere near as advanced as I probably needed to be to fully appreciate the presentation, I felt like I got a good basis of understanding because he made his material understandable to people who aren't as advanced. I did feel like the presenter's energy and volume level could have been higher throughout the presentation.