How Long Will It Take? - Estimation Methods To Answer The Impossible Question


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Woody Gilk at 15:38 on 4 Mar 2016

Good examples and clear reasoning about what is normally a pretty tricky subject. Most of the slides were fun and unique. The "list of things" slides could be reworked to be less dry.

Riley Major at 15:51 on 4 Mar 2016

There was a lot of great content but it was delivered at blazing speed. Presentation was energetic, entertaining, and informative.

Becky at 17:59 on 4 Mar 2016

I have always had trouble with estimates. This talk gave me some new ways to tackle them that I can hopefully share with my team (and the rest of the company). I am definitely going to use the term SWAGs in the future. :)

Speaker quality on this was great. I think it was a really practical approach to the problem. But this is a difficult topic, and this talk had some large pieces missing. This talk felt like it was approached from a third-party contractor angle with big design up-front, and left out some of the long term strategies for estimating. Things like velocity, takt time, and cycle time weren't covered well. That said, it's a huge and difficult topic, and I think, overall, it was delivered reasonably well.

Jared (Speaker) at 20:38 on 4 Mar 2016

You can find my slides here:

Michael Ferrin at 08:02 on 5 Mar 2016

Great talk!!! I learned a lot about estimation and some of the methods for doing it. Also what I liked was your explanation of why, as developers, we should be doing them and the benefit it gives us. If I could toss a 6th star/thumb I would.

Interesting talk about a tricky subject, good tips on ways to estimate and how accurate they are

Coni Gehler at 12:45 on 5 Mar 2016

Great delivery, engaging slides.

Nick Bartlett at 08:42 on 7 Mar 2016

I found this to be a great talk and very applicable to my job. I found the estimation methods SWAG, top down, and bottom up, were all methods I've used in the past without knowing their name. The only recommendation I have is to advise on which method his best used for the job using a sample project and recommending the best estimation method for the job.

Jed Anderson at 12:03 on 7 Mar 2016

Good talk, I got what I wanted from it.

This was a very entertaining talk. I enjoyed the presentation thoroughly. And although I was hoping for a magic bullet, this presentation gave me some real tools to work with.