With PHP frameworks being more decoupled than ever, and with the help of package and dependency managers, large and heavy PHP frameworks are a thing of the past. Modern PHP developers now have a wealth of libraries available specializing at certain tasks, and microservices are fast becoming a preferred way to architect applications. But many don't know how to start, and get thrown in the deep end.

This talk will briefly introduce what microservices are, and how to create them using middleware. Then show how to build using the Zend Expressive microframework leveraging components of Zend Framework, and other libraries, to quickly create awesome things without requiring a full stack framework. Resources for reference and continued learning will also be shared.


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Anonymous at 08:38 on 18 Mar 2017

A thorough overview of the Zend Expressive micro-framework. Useful for anyone with zero knowledge of this framework.

Woody Gilk at 15:07 on 18 Mar 2017

It's probably really hard to do this presentation without a ton of text. I think it would make a really good workshop or tutorial... there was just so much information and code that it was hard to appreciate the end result.

David Lim at 09:42 on 20 Mar 2017

Without a direct application on how to use this framework, it was hard to have a takeaway. Appreciated knowing that this it out there.

Andy Snell at 13:52 on 21 Mar 2017

Great talk -- enough was covered to get me interested in the framework; however, I really would have liked to see more how this particular microservice framework compares to other frameworks I might be working with currently in similar situations.