Magento 2 is a fresh take on a modern eCommerce platform rich in features and community. We will go over common best practices and toolsets, and to introduce popular community resources. Then we will take a dive into setting up a Magento 2 site to illustrate the effort required to get a project off the ground, and to find a better understand of what Magento 2 offers.

In this presentation Mathew Beane will briefly discuss the following topics:
Best Practices: Keeping core clean, how to modify Magento the right way.
Community Resources: How to join the Magento Community
Certification: How to get Magento Certified
Migrating from Magento 1: A look at the tools and methods.
Setting up a Magento site: Covering the basic design and development choices.


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Nathan Klatt at 11:53 on 18 Mar 2017

Magenta is ridiculously large and complex, attempting to condense it to a one-hour summary is folly. Recommend taking something interesting used by M2 and presenting that, referring to M2 as the real-world example.

Useful talk! I think it had great breadth and resources, covering important topics. It was really helpful to get all of Magento 2 condensed into a no-nonsense technical overview. I also appreciated the "pitch" for being part of the Magento community and explaining how to get involved.

I don't feel like it covered the "how" of Magento 2 very well, e.g. setup and what to know to get started--examples would be good here. I think this is still a good talk though, so maybe just "repackage" it as a "What you need to know about Magento 2" talk rather than a "Here's how you get started with Magento 2".