Are you scared by JavaScript? Have you used JQuery but struggle with adding interactive features to your web page? This talk will help you understand how to use JavaScript effectively in your existing web pages and PHP applications. Let's explore different ways to write and structure your JavaScript code and introduce the model-view-view model pattern as a complement to the model view controller pattern often used in PHP to create more reusable, understandable, and testable code.


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Nic Steenhout at 09:40 on 18 Mar 2017

Solid information delivered by knowledgeable presenter. Slides hard to read. Delivery a bit flat.

The first 20 minutes of the presentation seemed too basic to me. I wish there had been more time to cover the knockout.js and more time devoted to explaining the design patterns and principles. Still, it was an informative presentation.

Anonymous at 09:23 on 20 Mar 2017