Nearly every web developer has been exposed to MVC. Recently, the ADR pattern has been articulated as a potentially better way to organize web applications. In this talk we will explore the background of the MVC pattern, the challenges it faces when used for web applications, and the solutions that ADR proposes to address those challenges.

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Aaron Quamme at 15:04 on 18 Mar 2017

I would have liked more detail on how OG MVC differs from web-based MVC -- side by side comparisons, more visuals to illustrate your points. Instead of saving all code for the end, use it throughout to illustrate differences between patterns. Maybe cut out the MVC variations section of the talk to go more in depth with MVC vs ADR?

Really appreciated your even-handedness on ADR -- it didn't feel like you were trying to sell the idea, but rather provide an objective overview. The talk seemed stronger towards the end. I would have liked to have heard the final conclusion of the talk (i.e. web-based MVC can work just as well as ADR) throughout the talk. Otherwise it felt like you were setting up a strawman version of web-based MVC to compare to ADR, only to come back at the end with a more measured view.

Korvin Szanto at 17:03 on 18 Mar 2017

I really enjoyed this talk, Woody is very learned and it shows. Going over the history and the intent of the original concepts was probably my favorite part.

Noah Bratzel at 19:58 on 18 Mar 2017

I was pretty surprised by the conclusion of this talk. Almost, not sure, didn't actually endorse using ADR. Feel like maybe the title of the talk might need to get revised. That being said, I thought the history of MVC and it's use within PHP frameworks was interesting. I think more important was the details of how MVC was intended. I think more emphasis on that and the ways that MVC can be done right within a web app would be good.

Jesse Donat at 11:02 on 20 Mar 2017

Little too much time spent on the history of MVC. I would have liked more time spent on ADR itself and examples. Overall very thought provoking talk, enjoyed it very much.

Andy Snell at 13:35 on 21 Mar 2017

Excellent talk for what it was -- a history of MVC and an overview of the pattern; however, given the title I was under the impression the talk was going to be more about refactoring from MVC to ADR. Woody, who clearly knows his stuff, expressed that his views had changed on the patterns had changed since submitting the original talk, which might explain the disparity. It was worth hearing him talk through the patterns.