When developers are introduced to Object Oriented Programming, one of the first things that happens is that they are taught that nouns turn into objects, verbs into methods, and Dog is a subclass of Animal. OOP is more than just turning things into classes and objects and showing that both Boats and Cars have motors, and that Dogs and Cats both speak(). Let's look at OOP in real world settings and go beyond cars and dogs, and see how to use Object Oriented Programming properly in PHP. Traits, Composition, Inheritance, none of it is off limits!


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Very useful information on how to improve your code.

Becky at 18:27 on 17 Mar 2017

I was hoping that the talk would go a little deeper into interfaces and traits, but with the limited time, I understand why it didn't.

Josh Hartman at 19:18 on 17 Mar 2017

Appreciated the practical examples of composition. Nice job, thanks for your hard work!

Korvin Szanto at 16:48 on 18 Mar 2017

This was a really good rundown from top to bottom of OOP concepts. People at my table were saying that certain aspects of OOP had previously gone over their heads but became clear after hearing Chris speak!

David Lim at 09:42 on 20 Mar 2017

Great review of OOP concepts and also new tips on how to apply OOP.

Caitlin Bales at 14:53 on 20 Mar 2017

Great overview of the pros and cons of using different inheritance structures.