Virus? There's an app for that. Malware? There's an app for that. Social engineering? It's a little more complicated. These techniques, used by hackers to gather information on their target, are hard to combat without education - so why don't we talk about them more often? Aimed at the average user who could be targeted by such an attack, this talk discusses the tools of social engineering, how it can be combated and why so many companies fail in preparing their employees for such an attack.


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A good presentation and covered the topics in the talk very well with good examples.

Derek Binkley at 13:02 on 18 Mar 2017

A lot of the information presented here was familiar but this talk was a good reminder at how to educate your users. It also led into a great discussion and I am glad there was a time to get the audience involved.

Fun session with a great overview of how social engineering can compromise a company's (or personal!) security. Compact presentation that contained a lot of information but didn't feel rushed.