In this presentation we will look at storing complex data in a single field.
Many noSQL solutions are created around this (such as Redis' lists, sets and
hashes; MongoDB's and CouchDB's records), and many relational database now also
support storing complex data in a single field through specific data types
(such as PostGreSQL's JSONB or hstore, MySQL's JSON).

Each of the different database engines support different things, and handle
these data types in different ways. In this session we compare the different
approaches to storage, indexing and interactions with these data types in
different databases.


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Very information-rich presentation. I think you did as well as possible while trying to cover so many different database options. I think it may have helped to have more examples in one or two of the database types and just cursory coverage of the others. Delivery style was adequate, though a more expressive tone would have helped me stay engaged in the material more.

Korvin Szanto at 17:00 on 18 Mar 2017

This was a great talk! I wasn't aware of json format support in the different relational databases and I was glad to learn about the different ways nosql databases handle things.

Noah Bratzel at 19:51 on 18 Mar 2017

I was impressed by how thoroughly this topic was covered. A lot of good info.

Aaron Quamme at 22:10 on 18 Mar 2017

Great overview! The talk covered a lot of ground quickly and provided great insight into how different databases handle non-scalar data. As someone relatively new to backend development, I came away from the talk feeling that I could make informed decisions about handling non-scalar data.

David Lim at 09:55 on 20 Mar 2017

I found the noSQL solutions more interesting than how relational database are implementing non-scalar data storage. You've gotten me interested in researching Elasticsearch more.