Being a developer, programmer, analyst, tester, designer, etc is hard. We work in an industry that champions the 12+ hour work day; continued learning and open source contributions, but not on the company's dollar. We're continually berated with the idea of the 10x developer and so we must work harder, read more blogs, write more code and buy more books but when will it ever end? Will technology ever stand still long enough to let us all catch up? No. You'll always be busy, busy playing catch up in a race you didn't sign up for.

Fortunately, there's another way. Instead of being busy, I can help you be more productive. I will walk you through some of the tools and techniques that I use on a daily basis to, not only, maintain and upgrade my skills in the world of ever changing technology, but, and more importantly, to protect my sanity, be more present and remove stress and fear from my life.


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Becky at 18:34 on 17 Mar 2017

I loved that you talked about how you do things in your daily life and didn't just repeat what others have said. I need to incorporate the "one mindful breath" into my day at work to calm down when things don't go well.

This was a great presentation. I have read the book Getting Things Done before, but I still made new connections and felt it was very worth my time to see how it applies to the web development world as well. I always love a good lesson that goes beyond the course and the immediate application and touches on everyday life.

Anonymous at 08:42 on 18 Mar 2017

Inspiring and useful information with a dash of humor to boot. I hope to incorporate more of these techniques into my routine. I also agree with Becky, it was nice to see your routine as a real world example.

Noah Bratzel at 08:59 on 18 Mar 2017

Loved this talk. Added a bunch of books to my wish list. Confirmed a few things that I've felt have helped me, and have a good list of things to attempt to add as good habits.

Great talk. Appreciated the personal examples and techniques.

Enlightening talk and useful personal examples. Appreciated the encouragement when things don't go as planned.

Anonymous at 09:22 on 20 Mar 2017

Andy Snell at 13:49 on 21 Mar 2017

I love a mix of technical and "soft skills" talks at conferences and David delivered. I've been using some of the techniques he covered, but it was nice to see them presented as a holistic set to stay productive.