Love it or hate it, WordPress is here to stay. Powering over 25% of the web, it's one of the most commonly used projects out there.

WordPress strive to make life easy for their end users first and foremost, but what if I told you that with less than an hour's work you could make it a joy to work with for developers too?

By following the Twelve Factor App method ( we can deploy WordPress in a way that makes it easy to develop for, easy to update and easy to maintain. Come and watch as we take a standard WordPress install and bring it into the future.


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David Lim at 09:58 on 20 Mar 2017

Great concepts presented in your talk.

One suggestion is that as you go over the 12 factors as a list initially, but then, as you go through each one, describe the factor, then immediately describe how to implement that factor for WordPress. Hopefully that would keep the factor's goal closer to the implementation.