PHP owes its appeal and popularity to its low barriers to entry. Anyone with access to a basic LAMP stack can get started in just a few hours, but if you want to write a production-level application, you need the right tools. Composer and PHPUnit are central to the modern PHP toolbox. Markdown, phpDoc, and the PSRs (particularly PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4) form a common dialect of the PHP community. Git, though not specific to PHP, is critical to developing a maintainable project. This talk will guide you through these topics so that you have a basic understanding of the modern PHP developer's toolbox.


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Mark J Williams at 09:53 on 10 Mar 2018

Extremely slow pace! Glossed over heated topics with no mention of the debate or why the side mentioned is preferred. ( tabs v spaces ) frequently asking questions to the audience that should be researched answers given in the talk. Mentioned tech, asking who’s used it, never explained what it is? ( mockery ) Overall, correct topics included but no practical information given that couldn’t be learned much faster by quickly googling.

Good content and slides. I wrote down a few references you provided that I will definitely check out. Would have preferred pace to be a little faster.

I thought it was really slow. Spent a lot of time warming up before the modern tools slide appeared, there could have been enough time for tutorials if that's where the presentation began. But overall, nice to know the tools, I'll be definitely adding some standards to my programming style.
P.S. Powerpoint > Keynote.

Noah Bratzel at 10:04 on 10 Mar 2018

I thought this talk was alright, but a little too basic. I didn't feel there was enough new info or "juiciness". Probably very good for anyone who isn't familiar with these technologies, though. Alex was also very mellow and methodical, which I appreciate in a person, but could have used a bit more to wake me up ;).

for those really really new to php development, this will be a great talk to hear!, for those with at least one or more years programming in php will be kind of unnecessary

it was extremely slow, I didn't feel that the questions asked to the audience had any relevance to contribute to the presentation. Also, at the beginning the speaker spent too much time explaining "history" before the current tools that could be used. I'd suggest to do the presentation more focused on the tools and their purposes rather than personal experiences and history and to do the application faster so more content and details can be included and considered.

Louise Adams at 12:41 on 10 Mar 2018

Couldn't understand the speaker. Very general deal info.

Chris Kipp at 20:24 on 10 Mar 2018

Went at a really slow pace, but didn't really dive into anything. Made a lot of statements about some topics that are pretty heated without providing any reason or backup behind those statements.

Alex Weissman (Speaker) at 16:05 on 11 Mar 2018

Hey folks, thanks to everyone who turned out for my talk! It seems like the talk was just too introductory for Midwest PHP's audience and could have been more organized and technically focused. I appreciate the feedback and please feel free to join me in my chat room ( if you want to discuss any of these tools on a deeper level, have any other comments, or if you just want to chat more. Good to meet everybody.

While the talk was a bit slowly paced, I found the information very helpful. As someone new to PHP and programming in general, this gave me some great topics to research.

Agonizingly slow pace. Way too long to get to the topic details, and not nearly enough focus on the actual topic to be informative at all.