Different jobs require different tools. There are times where PHP isn't the right tool for the job. When those times arise, Go can be a great alternative tool to use. Go is a compiled programming language created by Google and used in emerging tools like Docker, and Kubernetes. This session will take you through the basics of Go, compare and contrast it with PHP, and give you some pointers as to what problem areas can you best use Go to compliment your PHP applications.


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Dave Buchanan at 14:43 on 9 Mar 2018

Great content, would have graded it higher if talk began with the "Why". Going over the use cases first would then keep my attention in wanting to learn how to get going with Go. Otherwise its cool to have non-php talks for those interested in what other tools are out there. Thanks.

Wade Wendorf at 14:47 on 9 Mar 2018

Good info. Makes me want to learn about it. More interested in it for GUI applications.

Riley Major at 14:59 on 9 Mar 2018

Entertaining presentation of basics of Go. It got complex more quickly than I expected when it got into functions returning more than one value and using and de-referencing pointers. I remain unclear on how all that works, but it will still a good overview. I especially appreciated the real world comparisons at the end and advice on when to use Go.

Brent Mitchell at 15:08 on 9 Mar 2018

Good talk. I enjoyed the code samples and the real world use cases.

A condensed intro to Go which was very well-presented. The executive summary at the end was helpful. Your presentation was energetic during the time when energy levels wane, which helped!

This was a good talk. Ryan did a good job introducing Golang, and making clear parallels to PHP. I also really appreciated his openness around where Go makes sense, and where it doesn't, as well as acknowledging the things it does... Strangely. Hearing that from a pro helps reassure me that I'm not crazy, some things are weird, and I'm not "doing it wrong."

Krimo H at 11:54 on 10 Mar 2018

Informative talk; maybe moving the last 10min examples (php vs go) to the front of the talk to hook the participants in would be better.

As was mentioned elsewhere the "why?" Would have been more useful to me at the start. From there I would be able to more easily been able to stay invested when things got harder to understand. Still, I'm intrigued by the use of Go and intend to play with it a bit on my own.