Aimeos (Laravel). Drupal Commerce. Magento. OSCommerce. PrestaShop. Shopware. Sylius. WooCommerce. Bespoke. SaaS. It's no doubt that when a website needs a commerce component, open source provides the most control - but how do you know which one is the best choice? While it's easy to go with a system built on your favorite framework, it may not be the best choice based on business needs. This talk takes an objective look at the open source commerce ecosystem and provides a set of questions and guidelines to use to find the right system for your application.


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Nic Steenhout at 12:53 on 10 Mar 2018

Very interesting talk about e-commerce. The intro section with history of e-commerce was great. The specific elements to consider when thinking about what solution works for you (or your clients) was solid.

Really appreciated the responsiveness of adding accessibility to the slide "on the go".

And thank you for the cookies! :)

Chris Kipp at 20:26 on 10 Mar 2018

Really enjoyed the info that was covered. It was good to hear a bit about the history of ecommerce. I think the only think I would have like to hear about was the current landscape and "players" more. Maybe some info about why you would choose one vs the other. Great talk.