COME ONE! COME ALL! As we explore the circus of server provisioning and automation tools. Watch the puppet show and learn how to make your servers dance at your command! We'll manifest production environments right before your very eyes! See the cooking show where our Chef whips up a fresh batch of servers from their playbooks ready to bring your application to your visitors! Lastly, watch how ansible makes easy work of automating everything from application deployments to server updates. We'll even cover your servers in fabric - the pythonic remote execution tool for server automation! We'll give a whirlwind tour of each tool and show real world examples of usage. We'll compare, contrast, and maybe enjoy some cotton candy while we wait for the tools to run!


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Casey Lee at 14:57 on 10 Mar 2018

Great overview for of all the provisioning tools for new comers to the world of dev ops.

Dave Buchanan at 15:06 on 10 Mar 2018

Valuable information that I will tuck away later when we begin needing some of this stuff. Thanks for covering, presentation (and presenter) was well paced. Just enough information on each product. Well done examples.