The way we design API documentation has a lot to do with how we think people will use it and how we think of the product. Those conceptual modes don't always align. How can you make sure you are serving the needs of your users, instead of what you are pretending to think they might want? Join me for a step-by-step analysis of what needs to happen to make your APIs welcoming.


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Riley Major at 11:39 on 10 Mar 2018

Good overview of important human considerations when designing and documenting an API. Might have driven points home better and provided some humor with examples of bad error messages, documentation, inconsistency.

Brian Fenton at 14:08 on 10 Mar 2018

Great information, but it's kind of an awkward sale in the sense that it's along the lines of "don't roll your own crypto, hire an expert" except I suspect a lot of orgs wouldn't accept "hire a tech writer". Absolutely valuable though. Good middle ground suggestion about hiring a professional to create a template and/or doc structure