The PHP-FIG has produced four PSRs relating to HTTP: PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces, PSR-15 HTTP Server Request Handlers, PSR-17 HTTP Factories and PSR-18 HTTP Client. Learn the differences between these PSRs and how they work together to enable a rich set of tools making it easier for applications and libraries to work with HTTP in PHP.


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Dave Buchanan at 11:47 on 8 Mar 2019

Insightful walk through the history of how http response/request interfaces came to be. Who and the why is very interesting to me. Talk met expectations of description. I'm new to middleware so its useful to know the thinking behind this stuff! Ended early so maybe presenter could have included more examples, or how other libraries have adapted to these. Why/Why not.

Roger Creasy at 15:51 on 8 Mar 2019

Great talk with good coverage of a broad topic in a short time. I definitely recommend you catch this talk if you get the opportunity.