The web brings every device across several spectrums, regardless if it is your desktop, tablet or mobile device. In this talk, we'll go through examples of mobile optimizations and numbers to back up why the mobile workflow matters and what can be done to enhance the usability of key flows.


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Interesting to hear about the experiments available to test with.

Not quite what I expected, maybe I read the description wrong. But some nice statistics, and great to know the tools available to get these statistics.

Not what I expected based on the title. The stats were interesting but not very much information on how to do optimization other than guess and check using A/B testing.

Brent Mitchell at 15:44 on 9 Mar 2019

Would have liked to have more "how to-s". I liked seeing the stats from their A/B testing.

Noah Bratzel at 12:09 on 10 Mar 2019

I wasn’t expecting this talk to be focused on mobile conversions or revenue or a/b testing. It was also very short. I feel like this talk was a bad fit for a php developer conference.